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Diverse opportunities drive consistency

Different asset classes respond differently to changes in the economic and business cycle, hence the investment returns from individual asset classes can vary significantly over time and differ markedly from those of other asset classes. By investing in a mix of assets and actively reviewing and changing our portfolios, in order to participate in investment opportunities while minimising volatility, we aim to deliver a smoother investment experience for investors.

  1. Potential to receive attractive levels of growth and/or income with less volatility than equities.
  2. Active allocation of risk, when managed efficiently, can provide investors with more return per unit of risk
  3. Uncorrelated sources of return can deliver important diversification benefits compared to single asset class portfolios
  4. Provides investors with an effective, ‘one stop shop’ investment solution.
19 September 2023

Harry Waight

Portfolio Manager, Global Equities

Health and Well-Being – longer lives, healthier lives

After a century of rapid increases, gains in life expectancy are slowing. We ask why and explore companies that can help buck the trend.
Read time - 5 min
18 August 2023

Paul Doyle

Head of Europe ex-UK Equities

Europe’s recession was ultra-mild, in the US worse is still to come

Interest rate rises have driven inflation down. We all hope we are close to the pivot point when banks call a halt to hiking and begin to cut rates.
Read time - 9 min
17 July 2023

Melda Mergen

Global Head of Equity

Equity outlook: Macro remains top of mind

Global Head of Equities, Melda Mergen, on concentrated equity markets, Europe and talk of recession.
Watch time - 3 min
3 July 2023

Francis Ellison

Client Portfolio Manager

25 years and counting: European Smaller Companies

How small cap investing has evolved in Europe over the past two-and-a-half decades, where we see it going, and why the region remains a goldmine for good ideas.
Watch time - 7 min
20 June 2023

Dara White

Global Head of Emerging Market Equities

Krishan Selva

Client Portfolio Manager

Indonesia - unlocking the potential

Previously vulnerable to the commodity cycle, Indonesia has witnessed an impressive resurgence with improved macroeconomic performance and attractive investment opportunities.
Read time - 6 min
15 June 2023

Paul Doyle

Head of Europe ex-UK Equities

European growth has dipped, but a US recession is only postponed

Despite a technical recession, there are many positives for Europe.
Read time - 4 min

Why Columbia Threadneedle Investments for Multi-Asset?

Multi-asset investing is at the heart of what we do at Columbia Threadneedle Investments.

Why CTI for multi-asset

Our investment experts manage all multi-asset strategies using the same tried and tested process.

Multi-asset en investment process emea

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