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Columbia Threadneedle Investments Update

Our exposure to Silicon Valley Bank, First Republic Bank and Signature Bank

Threadneedle (Lux) Emerging Market ESG Equities Fund

A global emerging markets (EM) equity strategy that targets companies who exhibit strong or improving Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) qualities as well as sustain and accelerate high-quality and profitable growth.

Threadneedle (Lux) European Social Bond Fund

Celebrating its three-year anniversary.

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2 October 2023

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Interest rates: higher for longer or big cuts in 2024?

Central banks are maintaining the ‘higher for longer’ narrative. Steven Bell, Chief Economist EMEA, explains why he thinks cuts are likely early in 2024
Watch time - 5 min
2 October 2023

Steven Bell

Chief Economist, EMEA

Will recession be the price of defeating inflation?

Any recession in the US looks set to be mild. But what about the prospects for Europe, the UK and beyond?
Read time - 6 min
2 October 2023

Sally Springer

Senior Thematic Research Analyst

Thematic Insight: Managing the Human Capital Transition

Human capital, although often overlooked by investors, is a significant component of the forces driving performance. Businesses investing in human capital are likely to derive a competitive advantage.
Read time - 8 min