CT (Lux) Japan Equities

This is a marketing communication. Please refer to the prospectus of the UCITS and to the KIID / KID before making any final investment decisions.

A high-conviction Japanese equity fund that invests in quality companies with durable competitive advantages and that aims to generate strong, sustainable returns.

Key reasons to invest

1. Strength of research:

Fundamental based research supplemented by quantitative, ESG and macro-economic assessment – analysing multiple sources of excess returns – provides us with a clear view of key stock performance drivers.

2. Stability of team:

There have been no departures from the team since inception in 2012 and this stability helps ensure the consistency and repeatability of the investment process.

3. All-cap strategy:

Proven ability to generate excess returns from stock selection across the whole market capitalisation.

Key facts

Fund inception date:

14 December 2023

Typical fund holdings:

30 to 60 companies


Article 8*

Daisuke Nomoto

Daisuke Nomoto

Portfolio Manager
(since December 2023)

*The fund promotes environmental or social characteristics under Article 8 of the EU Regulation 2019/2088 on sustainability related disclosures in the financial services sector (SFDR). The decision to invest in the promoted fund should also take into account all the characteristics or objectives of the promoted fund as described in its prospectus. The fund’s sustainability related disclosures can be found on our website columbiathreadneedle.com.

Key risks

This fund is suitable for investors who can tolerate high levels of risk and volatility and have a long-term investment horizon. Investors could lose some or all their capital and should read the Prospectus for a full description of all risks.

Investment risks: Investment in equities, smaller companies, derivatives, portfolio concentration and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) criteria.

Investment objective & policy

To generate long-term capital growth by investing in a concentrated portfolio of Japanese companies in which the portfolio manager has a high conviction that the current price does not reflect the prospects for that business.

The fund is actively managed in reference to the MSCI Japan Index. The fund is not constrained by this benchmark and, in line with its active management strategy, portfolio holdings may deviate significantly from those of the index.

Our bottom-up stock picking approach that looks for companies across the market cap spectrum means we are well-placed to take advantage of the many opportunities available across the Japanese corporate landscape.

- Daisuke Nomoto

Investment approach

We look for quality companies with strong competitive advantages that can generate high or improving returns on capital and compound growth over the long term. The ability of these companies to sustain these high returns and above-average growth is often underestimated by the market, meaning potential winners trade at a discount to their intrinsic value and it’s this inefficiency that we are looking to exploit.

Our specialist Japan Equity team has day-to-day contact and collaboration with philosophically aligned equity teams, all which act as sources of idea generation and help the team in cross-checking companies in the portfolio and under consideration. Our deep research network is complemented by global central research and RI experts, all of which can contribute ideas and insights.

Bottom-up stock selection is the main driver of the investment process. Evaluating companies using fundamental research, supplemented by proprietary quantitative, ESG and macroeconomic tools – analysing multiple sources of excess returns – is more effective than any single approach because it yields a more comprehensive understanding of factors that drive performance.

Our investment process is centred around the premise of ‘no unintended bets’, where we seek an informed view for all companies within our investment universe, including a perspective of those we don’t hold. This is achieved through creating both upside and downside price targets for all companies within our defined universe. These targets become our ‘map’ to allocate capital during the portfolio construction stage, where high-conviction positions contribute most to portfolio risk.

There is a formalised sell discipline in place for the portfolio; so, if a stock declines by 15% from the purchase level or falls to the fifth quintile in the quantitative model, we put the stock under review with a bias to trim or sell out. Independent monitoring teams also help eliminate unintended risks, promote strong, consistent returns and ensure the strategy is aligned with its investment objective.

Clearly defined and repeatable process

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Step 1

Define and evaluate investment universe

Key attributes for future outperformance
  • All stocks typically >$3m average
    daily volume
  • Quantitative screen
  • Fundamental screen

Step 2

Conduct research & valuation analysis

Quality businesses at an attractive price
  • Bottom-up research
  • Intrinsic value estimate

Step 3

Portfolio construction

Allocate capital where you have conviction
  • Concentrated and multi-cap portfolio
  • Proprietary quantitative, macroeconomic assessment and ESG tools
  • Risk budgeting
    for conviction

Step 4

Risk monitoring & sell discipline

Checks and balances
  • Independent risk monitoring
  • Investment Oversight monitoring
  • Formalised sell discipline

Meet the team

Daisuke Nomoto
Global Head of Japanese Equities
Alex Lee
Portfolio Manager
Simon Haines
Portfolio Manager
Harry Waight
Portfolio Manager
Fred Copper
Portfolio Manager
Simon Morton-Grant
Client Portfolio Manager
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Full fund details

Visit the fund page for key facts, prices, fund codes, fees and charges, portfolio holdings, monthly commentaries, all the key regulatory documents, plus performance information once available.


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Daisuke Nomoto

Global Head of Japanese Equities

Simon Morton-Grant

Client Portfolio Manager

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